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Best VR Headset Stands (Review) in 2021

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at Dec 15, 2020

Unlike gaming consoles, we interact with the virtual reality headsets to use it and they include multiple moving pieces such as the headbands and the controllers.

To keep everything organized and keep charging, we highly suggest using a VR headset stands. And in this article, we will review the best VR headset stands on the market for various headset models.

VR Headset Holder for Oculus Quest 2 and Rift

Universal VR Headset Stands

When it comes to VR headsets they come in variety of different shapes and sizes, however that is not the case for the headset stands.

Most of the VR headset stands we have reviewed are universal, as they hold the headset through either the band or the device, so the exact shape of the headset doesn't matter.

However there is one thing to consider, and that is the shape of controllers. Most VR Headset stands include couple different piece that can accommodate different controllers.

For example, they include clips for Quest touch controllers so that they can be attached, and some of them slide in to the slot.

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